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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries



Directorate Staff
Mrs M. Threlkeld
Mr I. Green

Curriculum Intent

“Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.”

The Computing Directorate at The De La Salle Academy is split up into three strands to provide an all-round curriculum. Through the different year groups, the students are given the opportunity to explore all aspects that come under the “Computing” umbrella, enabling every student to explore and further develop their understanding and skills that are required to embrace the ever evolving world of Computing. These three strands are:

  • Computer Science: the scientific and practical study of computation; what can be computed, how to compute it, and how computation may be applied to the solution of problems.
  • Information Technology: concerned with how computers and telecommunications equipment work, and how they may be applied to the storage, retrieval, transmission and manipulation of data.
  • Digital Literacy: the ability to effectively, responsibly, safely and critically navigate, evaluate and create digital artefacts using a range of digital technologies

Understanding our digital world is imperative as it is part of everyday life. We live in a world where technology is involved in everything we do, therefore knowing how it works and how to use it effectively is important. Our aim is to develop digital literate students who have gained a wide range of skills which will enable them to fulfil their potential as digital citizens.

We aim to challenge students to recognise the reason behind why computing is an important factor in our daily lives. We use both a knowledge and practical based curriculum giving the students an insight into both the theory and practical sides of computing. This hands on and relatable approach to teaching leads the students to stretch their imagination and use problem solving skills, enabling them to design and produce products for the digital world.

We strive to ensure that all students are making progress and that they are able to see the progress they have made. This enables the students to acknowledge their own success and enjoy the confidence it brings.

Our students are part of a community of Lasallians and this community has core values. We believe that the opportunities we are giving our students not only in Computing but the academy as a whole will enable them to leave school equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to carry on their lifelong learning experience, as they develop and refine important life skills and become the person they deserve to be.

Curriculum Implementation









Curriculum Impact