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Young Carers

Am I a young carer?

You may not see yourself as a carer; caring for a friend or family member is just a part of your life and it feels pretty normal. 

But officially, you’re recognised as a young carer if you’re under 18 and looking after someone who’s sick, disabled or has mental health or addiction issues.

What kind of things do young carers do?

Caring can range from small tasks to round-the-clock care. You might be doing the shopping and housework, providing emotional support for a family friend, helping to get your sister ready for school or making sure your dad takes his medicine.

In school, we can help with advice, a supporting ear or with other things like making sure we give you equipment to learn with, knowing when you may be late after dropping your siblings off at school or giving you extra time to complete your homework.

If you think you may be a young carer, speak to one of the young carer team in school to start getting the support you need.  Alternatively, click on one of the links below to get some advice.


Mrs Threlkeld

Mr Mythen Mrs J. Lindsay
Head of Year 10 RE/Citizenship Attendance Manager & Safeguarding Deputy