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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries

Values and Ethos

The Vision

Inspiring People; Breaking Boundaries

Raise aspirations // Present opportunities // Instil confidence to try
The boys in our school // The teachers and staff
The mould // to be disruptive // to remake // to take action
Of the school // Of the community // of the barriers they perceive // Of their understanding

The Behaviours and Beliefs

Taking our behaviours and beliefs, we have grouped them in what we believe to be a good catholic education. Combining all of these behaviours in this way, the people involved in our Academy will demonstrate the catholic gospel values we hold sacred.

Understand the importance of heritage.
The school you’re in has been 300 years in the making.
Explore, discover and share what you learn.
Good teaching, learning and mentoring have positive ripple effects that are felt through generations.
Treat everyone equally, with compassion and respect.
Those considered to be from the margins are at the heart of a Lasallian education.
Be proactive, but agile and change tack as needs arise.
People are unique. Be guided by their different needs, responding positively and generously to support their growth.
Communicate, collaborate and create.
We work with everyone without exception, making them feel valued and respected.
Be conscious of a spiritual reality in all that you do.
Our place of learning is a sacred place, where the time you spend will have a positive impact on the rest of your life.
Do what’s right, even when people aren’t looking.
Be inspired and motivated by gospel values of integrity, love, mercy and forgiveness.
Enrich your character with different experiences.
Lasallian learning focusses equally on academic achievement and developing strong and well rounded characters.
Quality relationships are the foundation on which we build.
Our Lasallian community builds excellent relationships and helps to grow the self-belief of all.

The Mission

An Open Door, an Open Mind
Be open to different ideas, different ways of learning, different people, different experiences and different communities.

Raise Aspirations
Show how a person can make a difference, can be part of something bigger than themselves, can be anything they like.

Stay Curious
Ask why things are the way they are, challenge the ways things could be and imagine how things can benefit, everyone.

Create a Safe Environment
Where people can express ideas, explore their learning, can try new things and can learn from successes, and failures.

Pay Attention, Front and Back
Respect, learn from and listen to those in front of you, and be a role model and inspiration for those behind you.