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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries

Student Leadership

The De La Salle Student Leadership 2021-2022 


Know your strengths
Follow your passions; explore what you love; capitalize on what you can already do well. Are you a people person? Consider running for student government. Do you write poetry on the weekends? Apply for a staff job on the literary magazine. 

Gain experience
Be willing to work your way up to the top. Before you can be editor-in-chief of the paper, you'll have to work as a reporter or a proof-reader. As a KS3 pupil, you still have plenty of time to do the footwork before taking on leadership roles in KS4. 

Work well with others
Good managers have strong interpersonal skills. Be able to listen to other people, ask questions, establish trust, and create a sense of teamwork. 

Be optimistic
Maintain focus and a positive attitude, especially in the face of difficulty. Grace under pressure is a key leadership trait. If your team has just lost a crucial game, don't throw in the towel; encourage your teammates to practice even harder for the next one. 

Leaders are ready to walk the walk-they don't just talk the talk. Set concrete goals and follow the steps necessary to achieve them. Anyone can have a great idea, but not everyone can make that vision a reality. 

We have an active body of Student Leaders who work as ambassadors for the school. Student Leaders have a variety of roles, giving our students a voice in decision-making. The Student Leaders’ work allows them to learn how to effect positive change and take on roles of responsibility to prepare them for life beyond college. Learning, sustainability and healthy eating are topics that can be looked at closely, however, each student group can determine their main areas of focus. 

What is Student Leadership? Also known as Student Council -Student leadership means students take active roles in their education and develop positive skills in the process. The goal of inspiring student leaders is to create a culture of ownership, collaboration and community in the classroom.