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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

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Covid 19 Safeguarding Updates

Supporting children and young peoples mental health during the covid 19 outbreak

Hub of Hope App

The Hub of Hope is a first of its kind, national mental health database which brings together organisations and charities, large and small, from across the country who offer mental health advice and support, together in one place.


The following BBC article highlights the lack of ‘end to end encryption’:

If you are going use ‘Zoom’ or any other online video meeting/conference software then please ensure that the correct security settings/controls  are in place to minimise the risk of infiltration.

However, be aware these programmes are being hacked regardless of the clear efforts made by the end user.

Below is an article specifically relating to Zoom to prevent “zoombombing” which offers some tips to help prevent hacking:


Standing Safeguarding Statement

The academy ensures children learn in a safe, caring and enriching environment. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, to develop positive and healthy relationships, how to avoid situations where they might be at risk including by being exploited.

The academy also has a statutory responsibility to share any concerns it might have about a child in need of protection with other agencies and in particular police, health and children’s services. Academies are not able to investigate concerns but have a legal duty to refer them. In most instances the academy will be able to inform the parents/carer of its need to make a referral. However, sometimes the academy is advised by children’s services or police that the parent/carer cannot be informed whilst they investigate the matter. We understand the anxiety parents/carers understandably feel when they are not told about any concerns from the outset. The academy follows legislation that aims to act in the interests of the child.


"Safeguarding is effective... with robust procedures" and safeguarding has "a prominent place in the work of the school"

-OFSTED inspection Oct 17

"Students spoke positively about their relationships with Academy staff and clearly feel happy and safe within the Academy. They feel students get on well together and that the small number of bullying incidents are dealt with effectively."
- Safeguarding Review February 2nd 2017, Phil Cooper Liverpool School Improvement Senior Safeguarding Lead

Safeguarding Leads

All staff at The De La Salle Academy share responsibility for Safeguarding, the staff responsible for ensuring that Safeguarding processes and reporting are maintained are:

Mr Bennett

Mr M. Bennett
Deputy Head of School

Mrs Lindsay

Mrs J. Lindsay
Attendance Manager & Safeguarding Deputy

Mr Makin

Mr I. Makin
Asst. Head of School

Ms Booth

Ms Booth

Miss Freeman

Miss A. Freeman
Head of School & Safeguarding Lead

Mr Hayes

Mr D. Hayes

Mrs Owens

Mrs Owens
Chair of Governors

Mr Proctor

Mrs P. Cleworth
Safeguarding Govenor

Mr Lindsay

Mr Lindsay
Pastoral Officer


"There were some excellent safeguarding noticeboards for students and staff around the Academy. The Principal has clearly raised the profile of safeguarding around the Academy."
- Safeguarding Review February 2nd 2017, Phil Cooper Liverpool School Improvement Senior Safeguarding Lead

The academy will always seek to work in partnership with parents, carers and other agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child and family.