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Pupil & Catch-up Premium

Pupil Premium

The De La Salle Academy has a high proportion of boys in receipt of pupil premium. In order to cater for these boys most effectively, a yearly student voice is carried out to ensure that any barriers are known and every effort to remove them is taken. 

Over the past two years, the main barriers that students have faced is a lack of organisational skills, which impacts greatly on their ability to arrive to school fully equipped. This also impacts on students being able to get up on time for school and be in full uniform. A second main barrier is having the right environment at home in order to study and therefore study skills has been an area the academy is working on.  Providing a space to complete homework has been introduced to help students acquire these skills.

Further information of barriers and what we are doing about them is included in this year's plan below.

Click below to view the 2020-21 Disadvantaged Strategy.

Click below to view the 2019-20 Disadvantaged Strategy Impact Report.


Coronavirus Catch-up Premium 

During the 20/21 academic year the academy has received £30,000 from the government in order to assist in the catch up of disadvantaged students with the aim to close gaps that have arisen due to the first lockdown period in 2020.

The academy has spent £20,000 recruiting tutors in maths and science.  These tutors work 4 days a week in school and will be part of the team for the whole academic year.  Tutors work 1:1 or in small groups of 3 on skills and knowledge that has been taught in the curriculum but that students haven’t retained. Tutors are line managed by directors and work closely with them to identify needs. Targeted students work with tutors on a carousel to ensure the maximum impact on knowledge retention is gained.

The remaining £10,000 is being used to improve attendance whilst the pandemic continues, through rewards and incentives, to ensure that gaps do not continue to grow.

In addition, this £10,000 is also being used to develop a mental health programme to combat the increasingly negative impact the pandemic is having on students.  This is to ensure that students can speak out when they need to but also explore those feelings before they become too difficult to deal with.  The reduction in students being able to socialise has become greatly apparent and therefore adding to the mental health concerns.


Literacy & Numeracy Catch-up Premium 2016-17

Year 2016-17 – £10,000

In the year 7 of 2016-17, those students who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and or mathematics totals 20.10 for literacy and 10 for numeracy of which there is an overall total of 12 students as some require catch up support in both subjects. This has provided the academy with a catch up premium of £10,000. The De La Salle Academy intends to use the catch up funding in the following way and believes that these interventions will provide the support needed to allow each student to move towards or achieve level 4 in either English, Mathematics or both.

Support Target Allocation towards full cost
Additional Numeracy lessons for those sets containing the students who meet catch-up numeracy criteria. Students to reach 100 score in Maths assessment.  
Catch Up Maths intervention for targeted groups of students twice a week with an Independent Maths Specialist. Students to reach 100 score in Maths assessment. £5,000
Additional Lexia sessions (in English lessons) for those sets containing the students who meet catch-up literacy criteria. Students to reach 100 score in English assessment. £3,050 pa
Additional Communication skills lessons for those sets containing the students who meet catch-up literacy criteria. Improved English and Literacy scores in Academy levels.  
Purchase of Nessy and Read Write Inc materials for 1:4 groupwork sessions with the SEND team. Improved reading ages / English scores of very low achievers. £3,800
Reading Buddy scheme with selected Year 7 students. Improved reading ages. None
Total £11,850