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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to De La Salle Academy,

This academy has been built on generations of high quality Lasallian education and service to our community, starting with the De La Salle Grammar School back in 1953. Since then there have been many evolutions within our school, which continues right up to the present day.

We are a school that is about developing the aspirations, the character and the achievements of our students..  

To achieve this, we are systematically challenging barriers the academy has faced. Progress is being made, and we are relentless in our desire to make sure that this is a school that is the pride of our community.

We have, for example, developed a partnership with the Outstanding St Edward’s College. Our financial difficulties are behind us, and results for the future look very promising.

At the heart of our school are our students. Ofsted has rightly praised them for their behaviour and how they grasp the many opportunities that come their way. That is why so many of our former pupils are at the forefront of industry, are establishing successful businesses or are leading the way as sports stars, public servants or in the Armed Forces.

We cannot do this alone though, and De La Salle is more than our staff and students. To achieve all that this school is capable of we also need the support of our families and wider community. Most importantly we need your support to raise attendance of all students and challenge some of the labels that are placed on us.

Together we can, and are, creating an exciting partnership that is raising standards.

I look forward to us working together.

Mr. David Hayes