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Parents/Carers Information

Your advice as a parent/carer is so important to our students. You have so much influence on helping your son with his choice of options in Year 9 and continuously through until Year 11, when he continues on to further education, employment or training.

At the academy we fully understand the importance of our partnership with you, so that together, we can give all of our students quality information and guidance. We know that you will wish to be informed on how to offer your son the best advice possible on the different routes to take, whether it is into further education at college/sixth form, apprenticeship training or employment.

To support you with the many questions your son may ask you, we will offer you accurate and current information with opportunities to seek advice from staff in the academy at Year 9 options events and parents meetings. Mrs Leona Lewis, our Career Connect Advisor will also be present so that you can speak to her at these events.  She is responsible for Personal Guidance Interviews in Years 10 & 11, where she will support your son with a range of important activities including:

In addition, Career Connect will deliver workshops to students in Years 7-11 about Careers and the Labour Market; raising awareness of the opportunities on offer in both Liverpool and wider surrounding areas. It would be helpful to you as parents/carers to have an understanding of the local and wider labour market to help your son to identify realistic potential career pathways and employment opportunities. Please check out the information on our website about Careers and Labour Market Information.

You can also get further information from the websites below, as they highlight for both you and your son the skills that many employers are looking for and the potential skill gaps in the future. This will enable you to support your son and plot their future career pathway.

A guide to help parents to understand Apprenticeships and all you need to know.          

You are able to speak to our staff and Mrs Leona Lewis at our Years 9, 10 & 11 academy events or you may contact Leona at: