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PE and Wellbeing Directorate

Curriculum Intent

The PE and Wellbeing Directorate encourages students to achieve the highest possible standards and develop the ability to work independently and within a team. We aspire to provide our students with a broad curriculum which enables students to excel in a variety of physical activities.  Our intent is to be an inspiration for each student to develop a lifelong love for physical activity and sport. 

Our curriculum aims are:

Directorate Staff
Mr I. Makin (Head of Directorate)
Mr M. Little
  • To develop successful learners who are independent and enjoy learning; making outstanding progress and achieving excellence.
  • To inspire, motivate and challenge students to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career pathways.
  • To develop learners with the ability to analyse and evaluate.
  • To develop understanding of the contribution which physical activity and sport makes to health, fitness and well-being.
  • To develop learners who are able to perform effectively in physical activity by developing skills and techniques and selecting tactics, strategies or compositional ideas.

PE and sport provision within The De La Salle Academy ensures all of our students are provided with an opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding whilst also developing key interpersonal skills and cognitive skills.  These skills will provide our students with a foundation for raising their aspirations and achieving success in future ventures they wish to undertake. 

The students, whilst participating in a variety of sports, have opportunities to further progress skills through organised competitive situations, through participation in inter-house sports competitions and through city, county and national sporting events and tournaments.  The directorate also embarks on an annual football tour which enables our students to develop their cultural experiences, whilst also challenging their performance levels competing in an international football tournament.  These tours also provide our students with further opportunities to embed the interpersonal skills being developed within their academic studies.

We also strive to ensure students have the knowledge to participate in physical activity and lead active healthy lifestyles once they have left education.  We believe as a directorate, it is important to raise the importance of physical, mental and social wellbeing.  We strive to combat national negative trends such as obesity through having a strong knowledge based curriculum whilst also providing opportunities for students to lead an active healthy life.

Curriculum Implementation

Throughout our students' 5 year journey, they will be building on the skills set for ten core sports which are linked to the OCR GCSE syllabus, whilst also providing the students with a broad and balanced curriculum utilising the facilities we have at the Academy. Students will also be developing their knowledge and understanding of key theoretical topic areas in years 7-9 prior to starting a level 2 qualification in sports studies, sports science or Physical Education GCSE. In year 7, students will have a focus on warm up/cool down, in year 8 the focus will be on the muscular skeletal system and in year 9, the long/short term benefits of exercise. 









Curriculum Impact


Examination Information

GCSE Physical Education
Contact: Mr I. Makin
Applies to: Year 10 & 11
Course Type: GCSE
Exam Board: OCR
Specification Code: J587
Board Website:


OCR Cambridge National Sports Science
Contact: Mr I. Makin
Applies to: Year 10 & 11
Course Type: Cambridge Nationals
Exam Board: OCR
Specification Code: J802, J812
Board Website:

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