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Maths Directorate

Curriculum Intent

In the mathematics department at The De La Salle Academy, we aim to deliver an engaging curriculum which supports students to develop their thinking and mathematical skills further, helping students gain a deeper understanding and mastery of the topics covered.

Mathematics is a key concept which exists in everything around us in the world and in our day to day lives. Many jobs use mathematics to help deliver accurate and reliable services such as roles in construction, accountancy, bank work, sales, medicine, the military and various other roles and jobs within our society.

Directorate Staff
Mr J. Robson (Head of Directorate)
Mr M. Cotterill
Miss L. Lake

We are always looking to engage our students by providing them with an engaging and dynamic experience of mathematics allowing students to pursue their curiosity and carry out investigations to prove or disapprove theories which they come across. We use the concept of mastery to start our students on their journey in mathematics at The De La Salle Academy and we build on this foundation as they progress through the school years. This helps students gain a fundamental understanding of mastery of the various mathematical concepts which they then use to solve problems both at school and in real life.

As part of our mathematics curriculum, collaboration is a key part to helping students learn as students often have part of the answer and in working together, they can form a solution which helps them understand the concept in question. Collaboration learning also encourages students to build confidence and communication skills as students are attempting to explain their understanding of a concept to other students verbally or through demonstration.

The progress students make in mathematics is consistently discussed with students through verbal and written feedback. This helps students reflect on their learning by challenging them further to push them to the best of their abilities.

We at the mathematics department at The De La Salle Academy believe every student must have the necessary mathematical skills and thinking when leaving our school to pursue the next step in their journey in life as these skills and concepts are a core part which they will be using repeatedly throughout their lives.

Curriculum Implementation


Curriculum Impact



Examination information 

Contact: Mr J. Robson
Applies to: Years 7 - 11
Course Type: GCSE
Exam Board: Edexcel
Specification: 1MA1
Board Website:

Edexcel Maths Website