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The De La Salle Academy

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Maths Directorate

Curriculum Intent

In the mathematics directorate at The De La Salle Academy, we aim for all of our students to acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of mathematics.  In order to do this they must be able to:

  • Rapidly and accurately recall and apply facts and concepts.
  • Develop a growing confidence to reason mathematically.
  • Develop the ability to apply maths to solve problems, to conjecture and to test hypotheses.


Directorate Staff
Mr M. Cotterill (Head of Directorate)
Mr D. Clifford
Mr M. Brannan

Curriculum Implementation






In order to help us achieve “mastery” for all, we will be spending far longer teaching key topics, such as place value, fractions and ratio and proportion in year 7 & 8. Prior knowledge will be ascertained to ensure pupils are consistently building upon their current understanding. Throughout both key stages differentiation will be via depth and enrichment activities rather than moving onto new materials.

In years 7 & 8 children are encouraged to physically represent mathematical concepts. Objects and pictures are used to demonstrate and visualise abstract ideas, alongside numbers and symbols. Mathematical concepts are explored in a variety of representations and problem-solving contexts to give pupils a richer and deeper learning experience. You may see diagrams in our boy’s books in the place of more formal algorithms.  We encourage students to discuss their reasoning in lessons as this can help formulate their answers.

Boys across all year groups are assessed using a mixture of regular low stakes quizzes, end of topic tests and termly interleaved assessments. The quizzes at the beginning of each lesson will assess the information they have learned from their knowledge organisers or from a recent lesson. The end of topic tests and termly assessments will indicate any boys who may need intervention and show us the depth of their long-term understanding.

Our schemes of work are in the process of being updated. Our Year 7 and 8 schemes follow the White Rose Maths [link:] scheme of work and we use the content from the Pearson Edexcel 3 year GCSE scheme [link:] at either Foundation or Higher level depending on ability.‚Äč

Curriculum Impact


Examination information 

Contact: Mr M. Cotterill
Applies to: Years 7 - 11
Course Type: GCSE
Exam Board: Edexcel
Specification: 1MA1
Board Website:

Edexcel Maths Website