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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries

Foundation Directorate

The Foundation Directorate is made up of a wide range of subjects.  The purpose of this directorate is to give students learning experiences that will stay with them for life.

This is an area which is growing year on year as we cater for the desires of our young men – for example the re-introduction of Art after many years away.  In each subject area, students experience real life and learn about the impact of modern day societal issues and how they can contribute to it in a positive way.

Directorate Staff
Miss J. Talbot (Head of Directorate)
Mr M. Bennett
Mr L. Mythen
Mrs M. Threlkeld
Mr I. Green
Ms T. Redmond
Mr J. Collis
Mr D. Ashcroft
Mrs A. Kewley

The popularity of this area of school life is ever growing with each subject having at least one option class and in some cases 4 option classes in year 10 – this is testament to the learning experiences our boys enjoy throughout the first three years at the academy.

Click on each individual subject to read their intent and get to know the subject better.