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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries

Formation Directorate

Providing students with a 'curriculum for life' that prepares them for the transition from adolescence to adulthood with a Lasallian focus underpinning everything they do.”

The Formation directorate is a new addition to school life, yet could become one of the most important for the boys. Formation has come about through numerous discussions across the whole Academy and through discussions with the boys. The initial idea was to give time out of ‘examined’ subjects – particularly for year 11. This idea grew into what you see in this directorate today.

Formation is about life experiences, it is about living out our ethos as a Lasallian school, it is about equipping our young men for the future, irrespective of the grades they are achieve in year 11.

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