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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries


Curriculum Intent

“Compelled by pressing needs, enlightened by the Gospel, inspired by our living memory, we transform lives through quality education for all.”

Our key curriculum principles:

  • Stretch and challenge over 5 years which accelerates student progress.
  • A sequenced and well planned curriculum which focuses, at first, on breadth before depth, promoting new knowledge and skills.
  • A strong academic core of subjects. Additional time is given to English and Mathematics to ensure that students have the essential skills needed for life, allowing them to access the full curriculum.
  • A curriculum that has an appropriate coverage, content, structure and sequencing that has been implemented effectively through careful planning and consideration.
  • Targeted support and additional challenge to ensure all students make at least national rates of progress.
  • Embedded CEIAG opportunities, in all subject areas, in order to create high aspirations.
  • Promotion of an extended curriculum programme that offers additional opportunities in sport, performance, art and catch-up classes.
  • To support the transition of students from primary to secondary school.

Our intent for each member of our family is to inspire and engage all in a lifelong learning journey. It is to create an environment which invites all to reflect on their deepest desires and, in a Lasallian educational community, encourage reflection on life’s purpose.

Our curriculum is about dreaming big to build a better, brighter future. In order to do this, each year group has a unique experience that allows our curriculum to be as inclusive, engaging and challenging as it can be for each unique year group.

We deliver through the mission of Saint John Baptiste De La Salle, as such, in line with our district mission, we aim for all students to be self-aware, open to invitation, service minded, inclusive in their thoughts and actions and above all, Lasallian.

Each subject area includes enriching experiences over a five year learning journey. We have adopted a knowledge based curriculum model with key interpersonal skills and cognitive skills explicitly taught across all subjects. Alongside these skills, cultural experiences and career opportunities link in to our overall curriculum design which intends to give a holistic and life changing experience leading to a clear Lasallian identity. 

Each year group takes a full and active role in living out our ethos in and around the community.  Where opportunities arise, links to our global family in 80 countries around the world are also made. These experiences are designed to create Lasallians of the future who understand and show care and compassion for the world we live in.  They experience culture beyond the classroom walls through visits out and speakers in to the academy.  Each lesson gives the opportunity for our students to build character, resilience and life skills that will stay with each of them through life.

It is the desire of both staff and students that they are equipped with the skills of life to be successful in their chosen career paths.  With the acknowledgement of our uniqueness, these paths will consist of university, apprenticeships or on the job learning. Whatever is chosen by our young people, they will seek to make a positive contribution to the community they belong to.

Ultimately through all we do together, our curriculum intent is about inspiring people; breaking boundaries.

5 Year Journey





This academic year is the first year the academy will be running a two week timetable. This format means that subjects such as Ethos and Service and Study Skills can be included in the overall education of our students. It is our belief that the inclusion of a more holistic approach to education, our students will be better equipped for life after school.

Each year group has the inclusion of a number of pathways, each of which are bespoke to the ability of the students within that pathway. Movement between pathways takes place depending on the individual journey of each student.

Key Stage 3 Offer

English Language Science Geography
English Literature Religious Education Spanish
Mathematics History Physical Education
Art Food Technology Design Technology
Computing Drama Ethos & Service
Cultural Enrichment Study Skills/Oracy PSHE

Key Stage 4 Offer

English Language Science Physical Education
English Literature Religious Education Spanish
Mathematics History Hospitality & Catering
Design Technology iMedia Business
Citizenship Study Skills Art
Sociology Triple Sciences Media Studies