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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

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Assessment Update

Assessments for the academic year 2019 - 2020 have been amended to create greater accuracy and information for parents/guardians.

Teaching staff will mark books in line with the academy marking policy, to gain an up to date picture of where students are at and the work they are doing. Please ask to see your son's class books. All students should have their books with them regularly for completing homework. As books are marked, staff will make a judgement on how well each student has mastered skills and knowledge, and over time, this will build up a picture of a learning journey.  

In February and June, every student in years 7 - 10 will undertake examinations. These examinations are to assess all prior learning. For example, a year 9 student could be asked questions on work from year 7. This will judge whether or not the knowledge has stuck and therefore been mastered.

On completion of these examinations, all parents/guardians will receive a full learning journey pack and will be invited in for a conversation with their son's form tutor.  This meeting is in addition to the calendered parents evenings.  

Year 11 will undertake two additional mock exam weeks, one in November and one in March to give them an opportunity to 'see' what a GCSE paper looks like and to test how much knowledge they have mastered in preparation for the GCSE examinations in May/June.


All targets set by the academy are based on Key Stage 2 scores and expected attainment published by the DfE.  All targets are reviewed at the end of each year and will move up if a students is achieving beyond the initial target set.