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The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

The De La Salle Academy

Inspiring People;
Breaking Boundaries

De La Salle is leading the way in character education

Our Academy is being recognised for the work it is doing to help students recognise the importance of positive personal attributes.

The De La Salle Academy is an all-boys school with big plans for the future. Not only are there clear signs that the school’s students are realising their academic potential, but they are also leaving as young men the community can be proud of.   

David Hayes, Principal at De La Salle Academy, said: “Character is as crucial to a young person’s future success as their academic qualifications.

“Employers and colleges not only want to see that young people have secured the necessary grades, but they also want to see evidence that they are the type of people who are going to add value to their organisations.

“That is why we putting as strong a focus on enhancing our extra-curriculum offer as we are on our academic offer.”

Earlier this year the Government laid out the “five foundations for building character” – sport, creativity, performing, volunteering & membership and the world of work.

Mr Hayes added: “While the people in Government may have changed, the principles are something that mirror our approach and Lasallian values. If we can give every student fantastic experiences in each of these areas then they will engage academically and realise how important attributes such as resilience, self-discipline, team work and leadership are.”

The school has, for example, introduced a thriving Combined Cadet Forces unit so that students can learn new skills, engage in adventurous activities and benefit from being part of a more disciplined and focused structure. Opportunities like being part of the crew on a tall ship are also becoming a regular part of school life, partnerships are being built with football clubs and businesses to offer enterprise opportunities and the school is offering a range of new sports – including rowing.

Luke McMurrie, an outstanding pupil at the school, said: “School is so much more interesting now. You get to do so much more than just lessons - and that actually means that you actually try harder in the lessons you are in.”

Mr Hayes added: “The real success of this type of education is seeing where our pupils are now. They are leading the way in industry, as entrepreneurs, and sports stars. So please do come along and see what we have to offer.”

De La Salle Academy will be holding an Open Morning from 8.30-10.30 to Wednesday 23rd October. For anyone who is interested in finding out more about our school, please visit us to find out more!